White oil aerosol 400gm


Brunnings White Oil Aerospray 400g

Brunnings White Oil controls a wide variety of insects including aphids, mealy bugs and spider mites as well as kills scale on citrus, shrubs, roses and ornamentals around your home and garden.

May be applied at any time of the year – except on citrus. Do not use on Citrus trees in late Autumn/Winter. Also ideal for providing leaf gloss on indoor plants.

Spray lightly onto affected foliage or foliage you wish to be polished. Ensure all areas are covered. Hold can at least 15cm from the plant. When spraying try to cover at least 1 metre every 5 seconds by spraying in a sweeping motion.

- Pick edible crops for 1 day after spraying.
- Apply to edible crops later than 1 day before harvest.
- Spray directly onto palm plants or flowers.
- Use for 4 weeks after a sulphur spray.
- Spray when temperatures are near or above 35 C.

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