Sulphate Of Ammonia 2.5kg


Sulphate Of Ammonia 2.5kg

Brunnings Sulphate of Ammonia is a rich nitrogen fertiliser which encourages and stimulates healthy leaf growth in all plants and especially leaf crop vegetables and lawns. Sulphate of Ammonia is fast acting and may be applied dry or in soluble form for a more even result on lawns. It is also effective for most plants with yellow-leaf symptoms.


  • Promotes healthy leaf growth and greening of plants and lawns.
  • Acidifies alkaline soils and rectifies nitrogen deficiency.
  • Ideal for lawns, leafy vegetables, onions, bananas, tall trees and palms.


  • Width: 8cm
  • Height: 16cm
  • Length: 30cm


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Sulphate Of Ammonia 2.5kg
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