Santorini seafoam planter


Gorgeous pots that resemble relics being raised out from the ocean floor. 
Stunning  pot for any decor. Indoor or outdoor. Available in In Grey coral glaze, textured with a turquoise glaze patches throughout the planter. Simply Stunning! 

pot sizes :

37x35cm egg bowl (large)

30x30cm deep bowl 

35cmx44cm tall pot 

39cmx35cm verona medium 

53cmx45cm verona large

42x30cm Olive pot classic  (large) 

30x20cm olive pot classic ( medium) 

25x25cm classic bellagio (small)

34x34cm classic bellagio ( medium) 

french urns Aqua 42x48cm ( medium) 

                     60x67cm ( large) 

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