Manutec African violet mix


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  • Manutec African Violet Food is a specific fertiliser developed to maintain the healthy growth of African Violets and assists in the production of beautiful flowers and strong leaf growth.


    A completely water soluble fertilizer containing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Trace Elements is very good for African Violets.


    During flower bud initiation & flowering period, application of high potassium soluble fertilizers such as Manutec Bloom Booster helps to enhance the flower quality.


    The safest way to apply fertiliser is to apply dissolved fertiliser solution from the top and then discard the excess solution that drains from the bottom.


    Follow directions on the product label for correct dilution and application.


    A regular feeding pattern is best for continued flowering.



    Not for sale outside Australia - Due to various national restrictions we no longer sell chemicals to customers outside Australia.


    Under the new WA phosphorus regulations Jan 2103 Phosphorus must be no more than 2% and the N:P ration at least 5:1. New formulation to conform with these regulations.

    N-P-K: 18.0 - 3.0 - 13.00 plus trace elements.