Helichrysum Petiolare "Hi Ho Silver"



Helichrysum petiolare ‘Hi Ho Silver’ 
A hardy, fast-growing, evergreen shrub with beautiful silver foliage. Helichrysum Hi Ho Silver adds amazing colour and texture to the garden all year round. It has a semi-sprawling growth habit which can be pruned to desired size and shape. Helichrysum Hi Ho Silver responds well to clipping and will produce new growth quickly. Ideal for mass plantings, cottage gardens,  hedging and container gardening. Moderate to low water requirements once established, the plant will benefit from occasional watering during dry spells. Helichrysum Hi Ho Silver is frost tolerant.
Position: Full sun
Height: 1m
Width: 1.5m
Garden Uses:
  • Feature plant
  • Potted into containers
  • Hedging
  • General Landscaping
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