Hardenbergia white and purple


Hardenbergia (Hardenbergia spp.) also known as False Sarsaparilla or Purple Coral Pea is a hardy, evergreen, woody stemmed climber. It is part of the Papilionaceae family and is native to Australia. There are three species in Australia which are vigorous climbers or trailing plants however recent breeding has actually developed some upright shrubby forms. Even though having a vigorous growth habit it rarely covers other plants so extensively as to cause damage. The most widely grown variety in Australia is Hardenbergia violacea ‘Happy Wanderer’. Hardenbergia has dark green leathery leaves which are long arrow shaped. In Winter through to Spring they produce a mass of dark purple, pale pink or white pea flowers depending on the variety. Hardenbergia  requires a sunny or semi shaded position in the garden with free draining soil. They will tolerate light frosts.
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