GT foliar trigger spray



  • A unique power packed foliar solution for leaf feeding
  • Ready to use with trigger pack.
  • Contains a complete and balanced mineral profile with amino acids, kelp, fulvic acid, silicon and wetting agents
  • SIZE: 4.4 LITRE

Rev ‘em up with a blast of GT Foliar!
What’s the difference between a good grower and a great grower? Good growers rely solely on the root system as the primary feeding system to deliver nutrients and additives to their plant. Great growers take it a step further, targeting the plants engine room by feeding the plants leaves. Their reward? A robust plant with unsurpassed vigour, strength, quality and yield! you want to be a great grower? Of course you do! Let GT Foliar put your favourite plant on the fast track to explosive growth with bigger, better yields.
GT Foliar is a unique power packed, ready to use foliar solution formulated to maximize your plants growth potential by capitalizing on the numerous undisputed benefits associated with foliar feeding.
GT Foliar contains:
 A complete and balanced full mineral profile including chelated trace elements;
 20 different types of Amino Acids – the fundamental building blocks for protein synthesis
and cell formation
 3 types of Kelp – containing naturally occurring auxins, cytokynins and gibberillins
 Fulvic Acid – the ultimate bio stimulant
 Silicon – for increased cell strength and vigour
 Wetting agent – to ensure effective absorption of solution into plant tissue.
By incorporating GT Foliar into your feeding programme you can expect the following potential benefits:
 Rapid nutrient absorption
 Correction of stress related deficiencies
 Increased nutrition during critical periods of growth
 Faster growth
 Increased fruit set and yield
 Improved quality of harvest
 Maximum plant health
 Increased pest and disease resistance
Q& A
Can plants really absorb nutrients through their leaves?
Quite simply, the answer is ‘Yes’! This was proven beyond doubt by Dr H.B. Tukey in the 1950’s. Using radioisotopes to trace the movement of nutrients, Tukey showed that not only were nutrients capable of entering through the stomata and transcuticular pores of the leaves, they were also translocated within the plant and utilized wherever they were needed.

When should I use GT Foliar?
Correcting deficiencies. Even the best run hydroponic systems can succumb to nutrient deficiencies from time to time. Numerous factors can contribute to this: root damage caused by over watering or pests & diseases, excessively high or low pH, excessively high or low water and ambient temperatures etc. These are all factors that compromise the ability of roots to do their job. Further, such ‘stressors’ are not always obvious. Foliar feeding is the best way to minimize losses associated with poor root performance until the nature of the problem is identified and corrected.
Giving your plant a boost. Your plant doesn’t necessarily have to have anything wrong with it in order to benefit from foliar feeding. GT Foliar is perfect for giving your plant the extra boost it needs to achieve optimal growth. Numerous studies have consistently revealed increases in both yield and quality with regular foliar feeding. GT Foliar can be used all the way through from the cutting stage to the bloom stage to ensure all critical periods of growth are targeted.
How do I use GT Foliar?
GT Foliar comes in a ready to use trigger pack. It couldn’t get much easier – simply point and spray. GT foliar should be applied in low light conditions as a fine mist to both the tops and undersides of leaves. Avoid spraying blooms and buds as this can lead to bud rot. Avoid drenching the plant as this can compromise the plants ability to absorb the solution. Spraying in excessively hot conditions can prove to be a waste of time as stomata are generally closed.
How often should I use GT Foliar?
For optimum growth, quality and health, mist your plants with GT Foliar 2 to 3 times a week. If you want to push your plant to the limit, spray daily during active and vigorous periods of growth when nutrient demand is high and the leaves are particularly efficient at absorbing nutrients.

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