Grow vertical pro prop sticks




Get growing and propping now with a Propstick Pro. The Propstick Pro is 700mm in length and 110mm in width once connected with the mesh. It's designed and suited for fastening to a 140mm plastic pot, but could fit pots from 130mm to 170mm. If you don't wish to drill holes in your pot for extra security. The Propstick will work fine just buried in whichever size pot you have. Unlike most "Mosspole "supports the Propstick is completely reusable, with any media you wish to try.


Black Eco- is a 90% recycled opaque product.


Dark Transparent- is a non-recycled grey transparent product


Clear- is a non-recycled completely clear product.


Green Eco Translucent- is a 100% curb side plastic recycled product. It varies in colour from grey to green due to the nature of the 100% recycled product. It is somewhat translucent, which is great at seeing moisture, but you may not be able to see roots unless they are highly contrasted. Like red roots in white sphagnum moss or white roots in a dark media.



Product is shipped flat pack, without support media. Some easy assembly with zip ties is required. Our mesh is an industrial product and sometimes may have a residue and sharp points and may require tidying up with a pair of snips.


Product is proudly manufactured in Australia from Australian plastic.


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