Green wall / vertical garden


This system will give you green thumbs to be jealous of.  This self-watering garden does the hard work for you and your plants allowing them to grow quickly and healthily. 

The Vertical Garden is made up of six Vertical Planters. The planters are connected vertically and can be connected horizontally, enabling your vertical garden to be tailored to the size you require, no matter how large or small.

Available only in black

Each planter row has four pods to plant directly into, these pods have small holes in their base for the roots to grow through and access the well of water that sits in the base of each row. This gives your plants constant access to water and makes it impossible to over water your plants too.

When filling your garden with water from the top row, water will overflow down to fill the planter below. The garden continues to flow like a waterfall until full. Each row also has a water level indicator to let you know when your garden needs topping up

  • Six self-watering Vertical Planters
  • Stand alone rack
  • All brackets screws, plugs needed if you would prefer to install your garden to a wall or fence.
  • Your vertical garden can either be fixed to the wall or stand alone on a mobile rack.
  • Each garden set holds 24 plants (not included)

57cm wide x 116cm height x 25 cm deep

Assembly required

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