Dracaena draco


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Dracaena draco, The Dragon Tree is a wonderful specimen tree that is hugely popular with landscapers because of its naturally strong architectural features.

Being evergreen, drought tolerant and able to live for hundreds of years it is a popular choice of feature plant in homes and gardens across Australia. It is more cold tolerant than other Dracaena species so will happily grow in cooler as well as warmer climates and, due to its tolerance of lower light levels, it can also make a stunning house or office plant- a real eye-catcher!

The Dragon Tree is a sub-tropical plant native to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira and Western Morocco. It is so valued in Tenerife that it has been chosen as the Natural Symbol of the island. Unfortunately it has become a threatened species in the wild.

When grown in perfect conditions the Dragon Tree can grow to around 10-12 metres in height with a spread of up to 4 metres. Tall, clear trunks are topped with shaggy, rounded heads of long, sword shaped leaves which add wonderful elements of sound, movement and texture to the garden. They make an excellent alternative to Palm Trees.

Pot size 300mm