Calathea White Cloud


The Calathea "White Cloud" makes a regal and unmistakable addition to any tabletop in need of lush, tropical vibes. The long leaves of this prayer plant come to a point and feature alternating shades of green with white accents along the midrib. Calathea houseplants can be somewhat demanding, but once you get a handle on their needs, they are relatively easy-care houseplants.


Bright indirect lighting will help the Calathea Maui Queen thrive. Increased amounts of light will promote new growth and color intensity. Prayer Plants are adaptable and can also live in low or medium indirect light, however, the plant may grow more slowly.

Direct light is damaging and may burn the leaves. Avoid placing the plant directly in a window with Southern exposure unless there are sheer curtains that can diffuse the light. If you bring the plant outdoors for the warmer months, find a shady spot in order to protect the plant. 

Pot size 100mm

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