Why you should be growing your own herbs

May 13, 2022

The amount of people growing their own crops is endlessly growing as people begin to realise the many benefits. Growing your own crops, especially your own herbs is a great way to motivate you to cook healthier and more flavoursome meals. Here at That Plant Shop, the leading online plant Nursery in Sydney, we understand the impact gardening can make on one’s lifestyle as a whole. We see time and time again the changes people make to their lifestyle just from starting their hobby in gardening. Growing you own herbs can affect everybody positively and here is why.

Fresh herbs

Starting off with the most obvious one, growing your own herbs will lead to fresh produce whenever you need it. Sometimes you are inspired to cook a fancy meal yet are too busy to go out and buy your own produce. When growing your own, you will no longer have to worry about it. Herbs pack a tone of flavour and aroma to any dish. Although many tend to buy dried herbs, they do not have the same aroma as fresh herbs. Take thyme for example. The difference between fresh thyme and dried ones is night and day. If you are looking to elevate your dishes, growing your own herbs is probably one of the easiest and most sure-fire ways to do so! You can grow all different types of herbs such as basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano- anything that you will use in your cooking, or to just provide a bit of natural aromatics to your home.

Easier for beginners

Although fresh fruits and vegetables are great, it can often be difficult to grow for beginners. Herbs on the other hand is one of the easiest types of plants to grow. They are much easier than growing your own vegetables or even some flowers- being able to grow them in both indoor and outdoor environments, depending on the quality of your soil. As long as they receive a decent amount of water and sunlight, they will be good to go!

Saves money

Obviously by growing your own herbs, you will be able to save some money. Not only will you be having higher quality herbs, but also cheaper ones as well. Our thyme plant goes for around six dollars, which can often be how much a sprig of thyme costs nowadays! Not to mention, you will be growing an infinite supply. The herbs will be there whenever you need it.

Consider That Plant Shop

Our online nursery sells an extraordinarily large collection of herbs that you can grow with ease. We also sell a wide range of rare indoor plants that will suit your liking and ensure that all our plants are well taken care of and virus free. For more information on our collection, click here.