Why you need a hand trowel?

July 30, 2021

Starting a garden is a huge commitment if you're not able to move your plants after planting them. You need to design the layout entirely in theory and hope that your plants don't end up growing unfavourably. Fortunately, your plants don't have to remain entirely rooted in place once they've been planted if you use the right tool to move them – a hand trowel, specifically. Here at That Plant Shop, our online plant shop in Sydney is the premier plant nursery in the city, and we offer everything for your garden from the plants themselves to the tips you need to effectively grow them, including how to select the right hand trowel for your garden.

Selecting a hand trowel is not a difficult process, as they don't tend to vary greatly. Generally speaking, if you need to move large amounts of soil, you'd prefer a hand trowel with a broad head, while digging up weeds or moving rocky soil usually calls for a narrow blade. Otherwise, the only other consideration to make is of the material, as a stainless steel head will last longer than most other materials. If you've made a purchase from our online plant garden in Sydney and would like to make sure you're able to move it around once it's grown a bit, a hand trowel would make an excellent addition to your garden. To learn more about online plants in Sydney, call us on 0408 083 640.