Why Are Plants Called Flora?

June 11, 2021

Plants are diverse, with a wide range of species making up the floral kingdom. However, every plant is considered to be part of the flora of Earth, which can cause some confusion if you're not familiar with how the plant kingdom has been segregated and labelled. Thankfully, as the leading online plant shop in Sydney, That Plant Shop can help you understand where the word 'flora' comes from, and why we still use it today.

The term 'flora' has its roots in Latin, and it is closely related to the Roman Goddess of Flowers, Flora. The Latin term is derived from the Proto-Indo-European suffix '-bhle', which meant 'to blossom'. The goddess Flora had a festival, the Floralia, dedicated to her, but the term was first used to reference large collections of plant life in the 1640s, and then popularized in 1745 by the 'Flora Suecica', or the 'Flowers of Sweden'. As this book catalogued all plant life in Sweden, not just flowers, the term 'flora' then underwent a process called linguistic corruption, in which either the meaning or spelling of a word is changed over time due to misuse. Eventually, the term came to be a general name for plant life, and is still used in the modern day. Whatever type of flora you'd like to purchase, you can trust That Plant Shop to making building garden plants online in Sydney as easy as possible. To learn more about online plants in Sydney, call us on 0408 083 640.