Using indoor plants to decorate your home

September 02, 2022

Far too often do people have homes that lack character. You want your home to be comfortable and cosy. The easiest way to do that is to add a pop of colour through plants. You should take advantage of all the benefits of housing an indoor plant and make them the central part of your decor. The benefits for decorating your home with indoor plants are limitless. They act as a natural air purifier, producing more oxygen for you, whilst also removing pollen and dust; they help reduce stress, and have been shown to even help with productivity; and they just add a nice aesthetic to your home. Here at That Plant Shop, the leading online plant nursery in Sydney, we grow hundreds of different plant species, and have vast experience in decorating homes with plants. As such, we have provided some tips you can use to decorate your home with our lovely indoor plants that you can order online.

Species Variety

The first step in spicing up your plant collection is having a wide variety. You do not want to stick to the same old cactus on each desk of your home. Be sure to have a wide variety of different plants, to ensure that your collection seems interesting. Thinking about different leaf shapes can help add a bit more intricacy to your collection and will help look more harmonious. Although having different types of plants means you will have to water them differently, you can make things easier by choosing plants that have similar watering cycles. Choose some plants that prefer less lighting and some with more, to ensure that you have a plant for every setting in your home.

Size and Colour

Not only do you want a different variety of species, but you also want a wide variety of sizes. Group plants together in different widths and heights, as it gives a more organic look to your home. If your goal is to give your home a little more character, having a variety of plant sizes is a sure way to do it. Additionally, you should pay attention to the colours of the plants you decide on. You may want all your plants to be green but having a few different plant colours can make your home look a lot more cohesive. 


The choice of plant is not the only thing that matters when decorating your home. You must consider the amount of space you have. The last thing you want is for all your plants to be clumped together. When utilising indoor plants, be sure to keep them far enough apart, as it creates the illusion of having more space.

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