Top Rare Indoor Plants in Sydney

July 01, 2022

Since more and more people begin to invest in the hobby of nurturing indoor plants, there has been an increase in demand of more rare plants. As you begin to delve deeper into the world of plant nurturing, you want to experiment with exotic indoor plants that may require more attention and expertise to take care of. We at That Plant Shop, an online plant nursery in Sydney, provide a wide range of rare indoor plants, for beginners and more well-versed individuals. We have provided a list of the most wanted rare indoor plants in Sydney to help you further connect with nature.

Variegated Monstera

Although fairly rare, variegated monstera’s are very easy to take care of. Monsteras in general are very easy-going and are resistant to different temperature conditions. The variegated monstera however requires a bit more sunlight and more time to grow than most other monsteras.  Often sought after for its unique yellow leaf patterns- it is these patterns that make them harder to take care of than other monsteras. In our online plant nursery, we sell particularly the monstera standleyana variegated which is often much smaller than other monsteras and looks absolutely stunning in an indoor environment. Click here for more information.

Philodendron Gigas

One of the rarest philodendron plants, the philodendron gigas can easily be grown indoors in mild climates- receiving indirect sunlight. Like most plants, this plant requires well drained rich soil that holds moisture for the plant. It requires watering around once a week depending on how dry your environment is. Unlike monstera plants, the leaves look almost velvety and is known for its very large foliage. For more information on the philodendron gigas we provide, click here.

Alocasia Baginda

The Alocasia baginda, also known as “Silver dragon”, is possibly one of the most unique looking indoor plants, with its amazingly textured, peltate silvery leaves and airbrushed appearance. This plant is a must have for any plant enthusiast and is relatively affordable compared to other rare indoor plants in Sydney. These plants require bright indirect sunlight in warmer temperatures and requires to be watered roughly two to three times a week. For more information on the silver dragon plant, click here.

Epipremnum cebu blue

The cebu blue is a tropical vine known for its silvery blue shiny leaves- that is highly resilient to different climate conditions. It can thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments, as long as it has a good amount of indirect light. As the plant matures, the leaves begin to change to more of a green colour and grows much taller. It should be misted every week allowing for appropriate draining. For more information on this rare indoor plant, click here.

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