Growing Tomato Plants Garden

November 26, 2021

When you see people grow fruits and vegetable plants in their garden, one of the most common ones you’ll see is tomato plants. Tomato plants are quite popular because tomatoes are used for a wide variety of things and there are so many ways to incorporate them into the food that we eat everyday which in the bigger picture, will be less costly than buying them whenever you need it. Now, some people do get frustrated when it comes to growing their gardens because sometimes, you don’t see results. Of course, tomatoes don’t grow overnight so it can be hard to tell whether you’re doing the right things or not. To help you with this, our team at That Plant Shop can give you a few pointers on how to grow tomato plants in your garden:


You should avoid planting too many tomato seeds within the same area as it will be overcrowded which can stunt the growth of the tomatoes. Spreading out the plants will allow them to flourish and maximises the potential of their growth.

Giving It The Light It Needs

Like most plants, tomato plants also need to have a source of light so that they can photosynthesise. Particularly the tomato plants will need strong and direct sunlight which means that during the winter when there is very little light, you’ll need to have artificial lighting to allow the plants to soak as much light as it needs. With artificial light, it usually works best if it’s in a greenhouse so that the temperature and the amount of light is controlled.

The Right Temperature

While tomato plants do require a fan for air circulation, these plants also love being in the direct sunlight. But the temperature of the light is not enough for these plants. These plants also need the soil to be warm for them to grow so before planting them, make sure the soil you have for it is warm, this can be done by preheating it.

Knowing How To Plant It

Unlike some plants, tomato plants need to be deeply planted into the soil and usually, they need to be buried enough where only the leaves at the top are showing. But do be careful of burying the leaves under the soil as well as if this happens, the tomatoes won’t be able to properly grow.

Water It

Tomato plants need to be regularly watered and if they get neglected, the roots will start rotting which does not allow them to grow. Usually, you must ensure that these plants get around 3cm of water every week and this will be a bit more if it's summer when they can dry up from being exposed to the sun for a long time.

Start Your Garden Plants Journey With That Plant Shop

Having indoor plants is great because it’s just so convenient to keep them inside and be easily accessible as they can be at your bedside or near your study area. While indoor plants have their advantages, gardening does too that many have brushed off. If you are looking to buy garden plants online in Sydney, look no further than That Plant Shop. Start your gardening journey with us and shop now!