Tips on Nurturing your Rare Indoor Plants

June 24, 2022

Everybody loves the idea of growing indoor plants. It provides your home with a pop of colour, whilst acting as a natural air purifier. However, many are reluctant to nurture one due to the responsibilities it brings. Many people have killed at least one indoor plant in their lives due to negligence and are reluctant to pursue this hobby again. We at That Plant Shop an online plant nursery in Sydney provide our customers with rare indoor plants as well as beginner friendly plants, to help everybody appreciate the beauty of a plant. With years of experience under our belt, we have developed a few tips and tricks you can use to help nurture your indoor plants.

Consider lighting and space

Every plant requires sufficient energy through sunlight to grow properly. However, many plants vary in what lighting is required. Many beginner friendly plants only require indirect sunlight, whereas some higher maintenance plants may require direct sunlight. It is important for you to understand what lighting conditions the plant needs before you make your purchase. Once you understand what lighting the plant needs, you should consider where in your house you should place your plant for optimal lighting. Generally, if you are in Australia, plants that need a lot of direct light strive in north facing windows, as that is where you will receive the most sunlight. You can adjust the distance to the window, depending on how much light it needs. When first buying your plant, it is important that you experiment with its conditions, adjusting the lighting if needed. Take note of trees and buildings that may block lighting as well!

Select the right soil mix

Your plants cannot strive without the perfect home for their roots. When choosing your soil, it is important to choose a high-quality potting soil which helps keep soil moisture consistent. In this way, your plants are able to maintain a constant moisture level- never too wet and never too dry. When in doubt, choose light and fluffy mixes, where it can let your water drain and allow your roots to grow. This way, you lower the risk of overwatering your plant. You can always add more water, but cannot take away the water.

Water your indoor plants sufficiently

Watering, along with sunlight will often decide whether or not your indoor plant thrives in the environment. It is important to understand exactly how much and how often your plant should be watered. Underwatering causes wilting and brown leaves, whereas overwatering results in wilting, yellow or black leaves and rotting roots.

Buy high quality indoor plants

Often, it helps to buy a plant that was correctly nurtured early on. At That Plant Shop, we stock an extremely wide range of indoor plants and soils to ensure that there is a plant for you, despite whatever environment you may live in. We understand the importance of convenience, so we sell our plants online in Sydney. For more information on our products, click here.