Tips on growing your own strawberries

July 29, 2022

As we approach late winter to spring, strawberry season is just around the corner. Nothing tastes sweeter than a fresh strawberry that you grew yourself. The community of gardeners is ever growing, and it is our job to keep everyone educated on how to properly care for their garden plants. Here at That Plant Shop, an online plant Nursery based in Sydney, we have experience in growing hundreds of different plant species and are well versed in growing strawberries. As such we have provided some tips to help you get started on your strawberry harvest!

Plant your strawberry plants in winter to early spring

Although strawberries are mainly known to be a summer fruit, the earlier you plant them, the more strawberries you will have. You should plant them in winter to early spring, so by the time it gets to summer, you will have sweet, delicious strawberries ready to go. They are best planted in temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, so winter is a perfect time in Australia!

Make sure they have plenty of sunlight

Be sure to plant your strawberries in a sunny area. The strawberries with the best flavour are the ones planted in sunny areas. The heat and light will contribute to the sweet and flavoursome fruit. Although you want plenty of sunlight, ensure that there is part-shade to prevent any burning on your plant.

Have high-quality soil

The secret in growing well developed strawberries is in the soil. The soil needs to be slightly acidic, around a pH of 6-6.5, with sufficient fertilizer and compost. About a month before planting your strawberries, dig in plenty of compost and rotted animal manure. In addition, ensure that your soil is well-drained. You can help your soil drain by mounding your planting bed, and giving them enough space to grow, which will allow for nice air circulation.

Water them but keep the leaves dry

Like every plant, it is essential that you sufficiently water your plants. Watering will depend on the area you live in- so be sure to adjust to what your plant needs. Generally, they need to be watered 2 or 3 times a week, or even 4 during hot summer days. Having well drained soil helps prevent overwatering. When watering, you want to avoid watering the leaves, but water the soil at the base of the plant instead.

Make sure you planted plenty

Planting strawberries can be a long and tedious process. So, when they do finally grow, you want to make sure there are enough strawberries for everyone! Planting around 5 strawberry plants per season will ensure that you are getting juicy strawberries all summer.

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