Things To Consider With Indoor Planting

January 28, 2022

Indoor planting is not so much of an easy task, it takes time, thorough research, and commitment from you to make sure that your indoor plant is thriving at its fullest potential. But, picking what kind of plant you want for your space is tricky. Fortunately for you, That Plant Shop has collated a few things to help you so that when you are searching for plants, you can consider these things.

Type Of Plant

Not all plants are made for the indoor environment. To know whether the plant can thrive indoors really comes down to your research. If you’re interested in a particular plant already, make sure you know if it can be left indoors or not. The conditions outdoors and indoors are different so if a plant actually should be outside, it definitely won’t do well if you put it inside. Don’t be afraid to ask the professionals/experts for help too if they are there. It makes gaining knowledge so much easier.

Height Of The Plant

The first thing people usually look at when they see if it should be indoors or not is seeing the height of growth. Obviously, you don’t want to keep it indoors if it can grow as big as it touching your ceiling.


The environment the plant is kept in is also very important because it determines if the plant can grow well in it or not. The few basic things to consider when leaving your plants indoors is the climate it is in; this includes the humidity as plants generally cannot grow if it is humid. The other thing to consider is the positioning of the plant. You want to place it where it has just the right amount of sunlight, not too little but not too much. So, before you purchase your plant, make sure you have a rough idea of the most ideal place to leave the plant.

Feeding and Watering

Usually, with indoor plants, you’ll need to feed it with a controlled type of fertiliser so that the plant flourishes. Luckily, plants only need to be fed on a semi-annual basis so it’s not too high maintenance in that aspect. But, watering it is a different story and requires a more frequent routine.


Most indoor plants need to have a pot to support their shape so that it can hold the plant as well as be a surface for things like the soil and water that are needed. Picking out the type of pot for the plant is one of the easier tasks - so long that it’s not smaller than the base of the plants. Choosing the right pot is the fun part because it’s completely a preferential thing - you get to pick the colour or the design that you want so that the plant is a good reflection of you.

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