The Nightmare Of Taking Care Of Plants During The Winter

March 25, 2022

Taking care of plants is no easy task and we know that taking care of them can be hard, especially during the winter. Typically, plants do not thrive in winter and you need to be aware of how you can take care of them during this time. Here are some things you will need to prepare for when taking care of plants during winter:


The Environmental Conditions

What happens when it’s winter and it’s too cold? You put on the heater. While this is helping you, this might not be helping your plants. Having the heater on will dry up the environment which is not very ideal for plants. This is because it doesn’t allow the plants to get the soil that it needs as with heat, it will dry up the soil before plants get to it.

Testing The Waters

In winter, you may find that overwatering is a very common problem and why plants die. This is because when the soil gets watered, it may not have enough time to dry up by the time you water it next. So, to prevent overwatering the plants, check the moisture of the soil, if it is still wet then you probably don’t need to water it yet.

Creating A Greenhouse

Winter is never the ideal condition for plants and because of this, people will usually build a small greenhouse to store their plants in. By keeping them in a greenhouse, you are able to control the temperature and the level of moisture the plants receive.

Getting Sunlight That’s Needed

Getting sunlight for your plants will also be hard so you need to be prepared for this. As there is very little sunlight during the winter, this makes it hard for plants to be able to grow which is why you probably won’t notice any drastic changes to your plants during this season. Some plants will be able to survive with little sunlight while others may suffer. Fortunately, there are ways for your plants to receive a source of light.


Just like you during winter and how you don’t want to move around when it's cold, plants are the same. Therefore, avoid repotting unless it is necessary to do so. For plants, repotting during winter can weaken their roots and will cause them to be stressed when they’re trying to just do their new habitat.


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