The Myths Of Indoor Plants

February 25, 2022

If it was a few years back, the idea of having indoor plants is quite bizarre because traditionally, plants are placed outdoors. This might be because of all the watering and soiling that needs to go in it which can make the surroundings dirty or because the outdoors give you direct sunlight. Regardless of the reasons, plants have become more common in an indoor setting. But for some people, this might not be a good idea because of the myths and assumptions revolving around having indoor plants. Here are a few of these myths:

Soil Is Dirt

Some people assume that soil is dirt and will use dirt from outside to put in their indoor plants. This should not be done because there’s a difference between the soil meant for outdoor and indoor plants. Soil from outdoors will attract bugs which, if you put in your indoor plants, will cause the bugs to eat the leaves and will gradually make the plants die.

The Main Thing To Planting Is Watering

You are correct in saying that watering is important to keep your plants alive and growing well however, it is not the only thing you need to look out for. Factors like how much sunlight the plants need or what fertilisers they need also must be taken into account. Also, when you solely focus on watering, this is usually when you start overwatering it; some indoor plants do not require regular watering.

Low Maintenance Plants Do Not Need Sunlight Or Frequent Watering

All indoor plants, including the ones that are low-maintenance, require sunlight and watering but it’s just a matter of how much of each they need. Of course, each will have different requirements so you need to do proper research before you buy the plants. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that when plants need indirect sunlight, it doesn’t mean they don’t need sunlight at all, they do need it but in very limited amounts.

Once There’s Spotting On The Leaves, It’s Dead

When you notice that the leaves are spotting, it generally means that there are pesticides that are eating the plants. While this means that the leaves are dying, it doesn't mean the plants are ultimately dead. To get rid of the leaves with spots, just cut them off and leave the other ones to grow.

Start Your Indoor Plants Journey Now

Whether it is trendy or just a trend, indoor plants have grown to be one of the most common hobbies for individuals, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. We cannot sit here and list to you all the reasons why it’s become so popular but we can say that the beauty of indoor plants is that you have more free range to display them whichever way you want because it’s an enclosed environment which makes it safer. If you are looking to buy indoor plants in Sydney, look no further than That Plant Shop. To see the wide variety of indoor plants we offer, shop online here.