The Beauty Of Succulents

December 03, 2021

Some people love the thought of having a plant on their desk or by the window and there’s just something that makes you feel calm and relaxed. But one of the main problems with plants is that they need to be taken care of and maintained regularly. This makes a lot of those who are less committed or have a busy life schedule hesitant to buy a plant. But what if we told you there’s a solution to this? Look into buying succulents! Succulents are great because they are low maintenance and do well basically all-year round. Here are a few other reasons why succulents are great:

They Survive In Dry And Indoor Conditions

Unlike many plants that you may know of, succulents are capable of living through dry and indoor conditions. A lot of the time when there is no moisture in the air, plants will be unable to grow but succulents are a different story which makes it easy to be taken care of during the winter.

Watering Is Hardly A Problem

Succulents do not need to be watered frequently. The way they are composed allows them to be able to retain and absorb water well, so they do not dry up fast. The main issue when it comes to watering succulents is overwatering than underwatering because those who are not aware of how absorbent the leaves of succulents are will water regularly.

They Do Not Require A Lot Of Fertiliser

In the winter, succulents become dormant, so they do not need to be fed with fertiliser for the majority of that season or if they do, very little. This allows you to save some money on buying fertilisers regularly which is always a good thing.

They Can Be Quite Small

Succulents are usually small which makes displaying them around your home very easy. This also means that if you want to repot them, the size of the pot doesn’t have to be too big.


Who doesn’t love getting the bang for your buck? Succulents are a lot cheaper than most plants and given how low maintenance they are and their longevity, we can guarantee you that buying them will be worth it. This is probably the reason why people choose to decorate their home with succulents - its affordable and you can buy a bunch of it to create an appeal around your home.

Choosing That Plant Shop For Your Next Plant Purchase

You can be quite surprised with how many ways you can display your succulents and the best thing about them is that they are really low maintenance and fairly inexpensive so it is the best of both worlds! Succulents are quite different from many other plants in the conditions that they thrive in and the very minimal things they require which makes it perfect for people who love plants but have a busy schedule. If you are looking to buy an indoor plant in Sydney, look no further than That Plant Shop. To see the wide variety of indoor plants we offer, shop online here.