The Basics Of Gardening Plants

April 15, 2022

Let’s go back to when plants were outside and we were just gardening our plants. There are so many benefits gardening does for us as it forces you to go outside and soak in some vitamin D for yourself and it’s a great way to get your body moving. But of course, if you’re new to gardening, it might not be a walk in the park for you because you might not know where to start. Things like this and trying to get started can be overwhelming but luckily for you, our team at That Plant Shop can give you a few starter tips on how to get kick-start gardening your plants:

Find The Right Place

The one thing about gardening is that once you start gardening, it’s probably going to be your gardening space and it is very unlikely that you will change it for a while. When you’re looking for the right place, it must be the right place for you and the plants. Things like setting it where you can regularly see it while there is the sun hitting it so the plants can photosynthesize are good considerations.

Water Is Always Important

It’s a lot more convenient if your garden is situated close to somewhere where you can have access to water like the hose or just right outside your kitchen where you can use your tap for water. Convenience goes a long way because maintaining a garden is a commitment and we’ve noticed that some gardeners, tend to get demotivated from taking care of their gardens if things are not convenient for them.

Choose The Right Soil

Good soil is rich in nutrients and is well-drained which will allow the plants in your garden to thrive a lot better. Different plants will need different soil so while we cannot tell you now what soil is best for your garden, a professional can once you have decided on what sort of plants you want to have in your garden.

Using Containers To Help You

We find that containers help with getting your plants to spread out evenly well. One of the most common mistakes is to have the plants altogether but what this does is stunts its growth because it's overcrowded. So for those who might be doing this for the first time, containers should do you the trick.

There Is Always The Right Time

Interestingly enough, there is a right time to start planting. Usually, this is around the summer and springtime when the sun is out and allows the plants to soak up some sun to grow so note that if you do start during the winter, you won’t see much progress.

Start Your Garden Plants Journey With That Plant Shop

Having indoor plants is great because it’s just so convenient to keep them inside and be easily accessible as they can be at your bedside or near your study area. While indoor plants have their advantages, gardening does as well that many have brushed off. The health benefits that gardening presents do not replicate the pros of having indoor plants. If you are looking to buy garden plants online in Sydney, look no further than That Plant Shop. Start your gardening journey with us and shop now!