Signs your indoor plants are unhealthy

July 08, 2022

We have all been there - you consistently nurture your plant, hoping that it will one day grow, however it ends up dying. Nothing is more frustrating than investing your time in an indoor plant, only for it not to work out. Although neglection can be a cause, it may not always be the case. In our experience, it is often the lack of proper plant education that owners are unable to yield beautiful looking plants. Here at That Plant Shop, an online plant nursery in Sydney, we not only care about providing our customers with the most high-quality and healthy rare indoor plants, but also care about the longevity of the plant, by educating buyers how to appropriately care for the plant. If you are a beginner indoor plant owner, it is important to know what your plant needs, and whether or not it is unhealthy.


Possibly the most obvious sign, wilting leaves or stems is a sign of dehydration. When watering your plant, ensure that the pot is well drained, so that the plant is not overwatered. Make sure that the soil is soaked thoroughly until water starts to come out of the pot’s drainage holes. In doing so, your houseplants will grow healthy root systems. Not every plant is the same, so although you may want to stick to a watering schedule, some plants may be required less often than others. In addition, overwatering can also cause wilting, so adjust your watering schedule as needed. Check the dryness of the soil, if you notice your plant is wilting, water as you see fit.

Yellow leaves

Although yellowing happens naturally as your leaves age- if it is happening to often to younger leaves, you might have an issue. Yellowing can be caused by a variety of issues: too much sunlight, under or overwatering, lack of ventilation, and much more. Similar to the wilting, experiment with what your plant needs. Adjust the water, the sunlight and ventilation one at a time so you can accurately find the root cause.

Brown leaf tips

Similar to yellow leaves, brown leaves can be due to under or overwatering, as well as sunburn or root rot. If you are noticing brown spots in the middle of the leaves, it could be due to too much direct sunlight hitting the leaves. Many plants only require indirect sunlight, as direct sunlight may burn the leaves, causing them to die. Research what lighting your plant needs to ensure it remains healthy.

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