Signs That Your Indoor Plants Are Dying

January 14, 2022

As much as we might be trying to take care of our indoor plants, the last thing we want to see is for them to die. Taking care of your plants can be extremely hard and sometimes, you may find them dead for unknown reasons. But what if we told you that our team at That Plant Shop can help you with this because we know no one wants to see their plants die. So we’re here to let you in on a few of our secrets and signs we know when indoor plants are dying. By monitoring for these specific indicators, you can act before it completely dies.

It’s Rotting

One of the major signs that your indoor plants are dying is if it’s rotting. A way to see if your plants are rotting is to check the roots. The roots of the plants should be of a white or light brown colour. If it is dark brown or the texture is a bit funky like it's brittle or soggy, then this is a clear sign that your plant is dying. To solve this problem, cut off those parts because it’s dead anyway, and wash the remainder of the plant to keep it alive. You may find that if you cut off some of the roots, there’s an imbalance in the plant, this can easily be fixed if you cut some of the leaves too.

The Leaves Are Changing Colours

The leaves of the plants should remain almost the same colour as when it was first purchased. If you notice that the leaves are turning yellow, it probably means that you have overwatered the plants. To make sure you are not overwatering it or underwatering your plants, only water it enough so that the root zone is filled. Plants should not always have water in the soils because it means there's too much water for the plants to soak in and as a result, the roots are drowning which causes them to die.

The Edges Of The Leaves Are Becoming Black

If you can see that there are black or brown forming as spots or at the edges of the leaves, it is most likely because there are fungus or other types of bacterial diseases on it. When this happens, it can spread quickly so if you notice this, remove it by cutting it so that it prevents the bacteria from spreading onto the other leaves.

It’s Not Smiling Anymore

Chances are when you first purchase the plant, you can see that it’s alive because it's smiling and is perky. So, if it is droopy and wilting, it means that it is dying. Again, this is usually a result of the plant having too much water so just take note and lessen the amount of water.

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