Should you choose live or artificial plants for your home?

July 22, 2022

Nothing gives your home a pop of colour like an indoor plant does. It provides a perfect contrast to clean solid colour backgrounds and furniture, that gives you a sense of character. With such a rising trend of home décor, many are torn between live or artificial plants. Here at That Plant Shop, an online nursery based on Sydney, understand the importance of indoor plants, and how the benefits they can provide to not just your home aesthetic, but to your health. We have provided some pros and cons for real indoor plants over artificial plants that will hopefully help with your decision-making process.


The main differentiator between real and fake plants, and the main reason many choose to have fake plants in the first place is the convenience and low maintenance that comes with buying an artificial plant. With a live household plant, you must pay close attention to the water and sunlight levels that the plant receives- where every plant may have different needs. If you are one who is not looking to get into the plant nurturing hobby, obviously this may pose as a disadvantage, as your time may be better spent elsewhere. In addition to this, artificial plants have the same aesthetic year-round, meaning, they will always look good and vibrant. In contrast, a live indoor plant may change colour and look over time, which you may not want.


Apart from the time live plants take up, and the fact that they may change over-time, the advantages of artificial plants over real plants stop here. Starting with the most obvious advantage, live indoor plants have been shown to improve air quality. Poor air quality can often result in fatigue, headaches, and a sense of claustrophobia. A breath of fresh air reduces all these symptoms and can help you live a healthier life. Indoor plants can help remove toxins and pollution from the air- acting as a natural purifier. Additionally, live plants can help decrease stress levels. Caring for your plants can often have a relaxing effect which reduces stress levels. This could be due to the escapism nature of taking time off to water your plant- often referred to as therapeutic. Obviously, caring for your plant is not the only method to provide an escapism feeling- however, including therapeutic activities in your daily routine is highly important for one’s mental health. 

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Whether it is to provide your home with a pop of colour, or to help connect you with nature, we have you covered.  Our online plant nursery located in Sydney, provides a wide range of rare indoor plants, that cater to individuals with beginner to advanced gardening skillsets. For more information on our indoor plant collection, click here.