Rare indoor plants to up your game

August 26, 2022

If you have been in the indoor plant game for a while, you may be tired of having a “basic” collection. It may be time to widen your range by introducing some rare indoor plants. Here at That Plant Shop, the leading online plant nursery in Sydney, we offer a wide range of indoor plants, pots, planters, and plant care products to help you deepen your connection with nature. Our years of expertise have led us down the path of exploring rare indoor plants and have shared with you some that will give your collection that pop that it needs. 

Polypodium Bears Foot Fern

Distributed throughout the world, the polypodium bear foot fern, is a beautiful blue foliaged fern with brown furry stems that grow along the soil surface. This plant looks unlike any other, due to its unique looking leaves. Which can be a bright vibrant green, or a more muted tone. This plant is extremely easy to grow, yet rare to see. This plant acts as a great air purifier, and thrives in acidic, loose, and richly organic soil. Like all indoor plants, assure that it is well drained. This fern prefers indirect sunlight, within a temperature range of 21 to 18 degrees Celsius. When watering, make sure the fern’s soil is moist, yet not soggy. Only water the soil when it feels dry to the touch in winter- however you may need to water more frequently in warmer weather. 

Epipremnum Cebu Blue

The epipremnum cebu blue, is a rarer variety, and is a gorgeous tropical climber, that has a blue sheen to its elongated leaves. The cebu blue is known for its silvery blue shiny leaves, which are extremely resilient to different climate conditions. It generally thrives in outdoor conditions, however, is familiar in indoor environments as well- as long as it receives a good amount of indirect sunlight. When nurturing, you should give it a thorough soak and let it dry out a bit between watering. You will be able to tell if you are underwatering your plant if the leaves begin to wilt.

Anthurium Vittarfolium

The anthurium vittarfolium is one of the more exotic plants on the list. It is a rare and unique trailing house plant, with very long narrow leaves that hang down from its pot. Where most anthuriums grow straight up, this one droops down, having almost a cascading nature. The best way to display it is in a hanging basket. Ensure that this plant has plenty of indirect sunlight, watering it once every three days. 

Consider That Plant Shop for Online Plant Nursery

Regardless of how good you are at nurturing plants, your plant cannot thrive if it is not bought from a high-quality source. Our online plant nursery aims to provide high quality indoor plants- ensuring that they are all virus free. For more information on our rare indoor plants collection, click here.