Preparing Your Garden Plants For The Winter

April 22, 2022

Plant season is more common during the summer and spring seasons because it is usually when the sun is out which allows the plants to thrive and blossom. However, plants require to be taken care of throughout all the seasons even during the winter - the season most plant lovers dread because there is very little sunlight for the plants. As there is poor amount of sunlight during the winter, garden plants are usually the most affected because there are very little resources that can be used as a substitute for sunlight. However, you can’t avoid the winter so here are a few ways to help you prepare your garden plants and take advantage of the winter season: 

Mulch Is Your Best Friend

The purpose of mulch is to essentially distract the weeds that grow with your plants from getting the nutrients that you garden plants will need. Especially with very little sunlight during the winter, mulch is quite important to keep your garden plants alive. When looking for mulch, we highly recommend that you are buying mulch that is biodegradable so that allows it to be broken down overtime.

The Perfect Time For Pruning

The process of pruning allows you to remove any dead plants or branches and it is especially great that you do this during the winter because it is a lot easier to identify which ones are dead or which ones are not. However, it is better that you prune towards the middle of the winter season rather than during the early stages of winter as it will allow enough time to see which ones survived during the planting season.

More Opportunities To Arise

This may come as a surprise to you but there are plant gardens that thrive during the winter as they only require a low amount of sunlight. This is the perfect opportunity for you to incorporate them into your garden plants and make the most out of the winter season. If you do this, remember that even though it requires little amounts of sunlight, it does ultimately still need sunlight so you need to still plant it somewhere that does have sunlight in order for it to grow.

Using The Winter Season Wisely

It is very likely that during the busy planting seasons like summer and spring that you were so busy taking care of your garden plants that you did not have the time to clean or sharpen the equipment you use for the plants. So, since plants do not grow as much in the winter, this is a good time for you to clean and make sure the tools your use for your plants are still useable and effective. 

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