Plant-Care Products That Every Plant Owner Will Need

December 17, 2021

Whether they are low or high maintenance, require indirect or direct sunlight, every plant needs to be cared for. As a plant owner, you don’t want to let them sit there and let the leaves slowly disintegrate but there’s more to taking care of plants than to water them. Plants need to be well-maintained and usually, it’s a lot easier to do this if you use plant-care products. Here are a few common yet useful plant-care products that every plant owner will need:

Pruning Shears

Most people tend to use scissors to cut off leaves when they turn a brown-yellow colour indicating that they’re dying. But the tool that works most effectively when it comes to these tasks is pruning shears. This is because they are a lot sturdier and sharper than your regular scissors making it easier to handle when it comes to cutting the leaves.

Grow Light

A grow light is not necessarily needed unless the plant that you have needs sunlight that you are unable to provide it with. If this is the case for you, a grow light would be useful to make sure that your plant has the light that it needs to grow and propagate healthily.


Especially during the winter when you’ll most likely have your heater up and running, humidifiers are important to ensure that your plant will have the moisture it requires to thrive. You’ll find that it is hard to take care of your plant during winter because there’s usually not a lot of sunlight so having a humidifier just makes the conditions a bit more ideal.

Soil Probe

Sometimes you just don’t know if your plant has the right amount of soil or if it’s time to put in new ones, this is where having a soil probe can help you. Soil probes can monitor soil levels; if you find that the soil probe indicates that it is dry, that’s the green light for you to water them, otherwise, you won’t have to. Therefore, this is extremely helpful in preventing yourself from overwatering or underwatering the plants.

Water Spray Or Can

Some people might just dump water in the soil of the plant which they may notice, will keep the soil quite moist for a while and can kill the plant because they’ve been overwatered. Water sprays or cans make sure that you’re controlling how much water you’re using on your plant. With sprays, it makes it easier to distribute the water evenly which allows all parts of the plant to flourish.

Start Your Plants Journey Now

Whether it is trendy or just a trend, plant care has grown to be one of the most common hobbies for individuals, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. We cannot sit here and list to you all the reasons why it’s become so popular but we can say that the beauty of plants is that you have more free range to display them whichever way you want because it’s an enclosed environment which makes it safer. If you are looking to buy a plant online in Sydney, look no further than That Plant Shop. To see the wide variety of plants we offer, shop online here.