Nurturing Indoor Plants Without Sunlight

December 31, 2021

The idea of having indoor plants sounds quite bizarre because traditionally, plants are placed outdoors. This might be because of all the watering and soiling that needs to go in it which can make the surroundings dirty or because the outdoors give you direct sunlight. Regardless of the reasons, plants have become more common in an indoor setting. But the problem with putting plants indoors is they potentially lose the natural sunlight they need. Indoor plants are usually placed in a bedroom as well and sometimes, there’s just not enough window that will allow sunlight to directly hit the plants. So what happens there? Here are a few ways you can take care of indoor plants without sunlight:

How Much Light Do Indoor Plants Really Need?

The amount of light indoor plants require depends on the type of plant they are and in what conditions they will thrive in the most. Some plants will require very little amount of sunlight while others need a lot of it but generally speaking, indoor plants need 5-6 hours minimum of sunlight daily.

High Pressure Sodium Lights

High Pressure Sodium lights (HSP) may be one of the most powerful lights for plants to grow under. It is highly effective however, is quite costly compared to the other alternatives. Also, it can be a safety hazard if it comes into contact with children so if you want to buy this, you might need to talk to a professional about it and consult with them prior to purchase.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent light is a lot cheaper and safer substitute for sunlight than HSPs but you also need to be careful with these because if it is broken, the chemicals in the fluorescent light will leak. If not used for plants as a source of light, fluorescent lights are practical as you can use them as light for shelves.

Using LED Lights

The easiest and cheapest option of all are LED lights. For those who do choose alternatives to sunlight, LED lights are often their go-to choice because it’s also the safest and more aesthetically-pleasing as you can change the colours of the light.

Hang The Plants

If there are no windows on the side for you to put your indoor plants on the windowsill, an alternative is to hang the plants. Sure, you might have limited windows where there is sunlight coming through but there are other parts of the house where you can hang the plants. Windows are usually towards the ceiling of the house so by hanging your plant, you can get it as close to the house and sunlight as possible.

Start Your Indoor Plants Journey With That Plant Shop

Having indoor plants is great because it’s just so convenient to keep them inside and be easily accessible as they can be at your bedside or near your study area. But not all indoor plants are the same, some require higher levels of maintenance than others and some will require less sunlight than others. This makes it so easy to align your availabilities to their needs. So, if you are looking to buy indoor plants in Sydney, look no further than That Plant Shop. Start your indoor plants journey with us and shop now!