How Do You Know If Your Plants Are Dying?

April 29, 2022

Plants are great, they are good to be put on display but also, they give you something to take care of. But of course, as not all plants are the same, they do require different levels of maintenance. If they are not being taken care of the way that they are required to, this will cause them to eventually die. Some plants are obvious when it is dead but others, you can see that it is slowly dying and if this is the case, you will still be able to save it by pruning it and removing the dead leaves while leaving those that are healthy to continue growing. Signs that the plants are dead can vary; here are a few common signs that indicate that your plants are dying:

Dry Leaves

If your plants are dry, this is a common symptom of the fertiliser not being suited or used enough for your plants. The leaves of plants dry up when they lack nitrogen which usually comes from the fertisiliers so fortunately; this can be fixed if you give your plants a bit of fertisiliser so that it becomes healthier.

The Leaves Are Wilting

Wilting is a sign that your plants are being overwatered. Yes, there is such problem as overwatering which is when your plants are unable to soak in all the water that you are giving them. You can check if they are being overwatered if the next time you try to water it, the soil is still wet. To prevent overwatering, simply just avoid watering too much and thoroughly observe the water levels of your plants.

There Are Spots On The Leaves

You will see spotting on your plants if there are insects on them or there is fungus present. Insects usually visit your plants if there is a lot of moisture on them so if you notice that there are insects on your plants; make sure you use insect-killing soap to remove them.

The Colours Are Changing

Some plants are meant to change colours because of the changing seasons so it is hard to tell if the changing colours mean it is dying or it is supposed to do that. But usually, if the plants are changing to the colour yellow, this indicates that the plants are dying because yellow leaves often mean the leaves are not getting enough sunlight.

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