Growing And Caring For A Fiddle Leaf Fig

January 07, 2022

Fiddle Leaf Figs are one of the most common indoor plants not only because of their bold green coloured leaves but also it is one of the easier plants to maintain. It grows fairly quick and the size of the Fiddle Leaf Fig is determined by the size of the pot you put it in. If you’re someone who owns a Fiddle Leaf Fig or is interested in purchasing one but is not too sure what to expect, you’re in luck. Our highly-knowledgeable team at That Plant Shop have taken care of Fiddle Leaf Figs and can give you a few tips and tricks as well as things to take into consideration for it to thrive:

The Location Matters

Fiddle Leaf Fig is considered tropical plant generally, tropical plants do well in environmental conditions such as indirect sunlight. Too much source of light will dry up the roots which will cause it to rot and eventually die. While it likes indirect sunlight, it shouldn't be placed away from the sun. Ideally, the plant thrives the best where the sun is indirect but still bright. It is important to also note that if you’ve chosen a place to settle your Fiddle Leaf Fig, do not constantly move it as it will cause a disruption to its way of living.

Cleaning The Leaves

Fiddle Leaf Figs are quite delicate and gentle so if you spot any dust on it, we highly suggest that you clean the leaves using a cloth. To maintain its good health, try to do this once a month to keep bugs away from eating the plant.

Remember To Check The Humidity Of The Plant

As a tropical plant, the Fiddle Leaf Fig needs to be in a warm and humid environment. Usually, houses do meet this requirement but if you are aware that your location is on the dry side, you’ll need to give the plant more attention by misting it weekly.

Try Not To Repot Them

A lot of the time when you first buy a plant, you’ll be excited to buy a pot that suits your style to go with it. Upon buying and potting your plant, it is best to keep it exactly how it is because relocating the plant to a new pot can dry and damage it.

Watering The Plant

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is quite sensitive and if over-watered, it can die. With this specific plant, you’d want to water it once a week or every 10 days then allow it to dry completely.


If you notice that some parts of the leaves are damaged, it is fine to give it a trim as it will allow the plant to regrow and prevent those dead leave leaves from sucking out the energy of the plant.

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