Getting Plants Delivered In Sydney Is Easy With Our Store, But Do You Know How To Plant Them Once They Arrive?

July 16, 2021

If you've been doing all your gardening in pots, odds are, you probably haven't faced any frozen, hard-to-move soil just yet. When it comes time to move your potted plants into the garden, though, you're going to be met quickly with the harsh reality of the world - soil is not easy to dig into without the right tools. Fortunately, That Plant Shop operates an outstanding online plant shop in Sydney, and our team can help you select the right spade for any job.

You'll need the right spade for any plants online in Sydney you may have bought. The major consideration is about the size of the handle, as most spades come with either a long or a short handle. The shorter handles are lighter and easier to manoeuvre, but the longer handles, while heavier, can provide more leverage. If you'd like a tool that will last for years to come, you'll want to select a spade with a stainless steel head with treads and an ash hardwood handle, or you can opt for a cheaper plastic spade for short-term use. With the right spade in hand, you'll be ready to get plants delivered in Sydney to start your garden today. To learn more about online plants in Sydney, call us on 0408 083 640.