Gardening Tips for Spring

July 15, 2022

With spring right around the corner, there is no better time to get out there and make the garden of your dreams. Most people’s gardens look terrific in spring without the proper care. Just imagine what it would look like if you appropriately nurtured your garden. We at That Plant Shop, an online plant nursery in Sydney, provide garden plants to thousands of individuals to help grow their garden and have provided a list of gardening tips that will prepare you for the spring.

Create a Plan

Planning is essential in any project. It ensures that you handle your gardening in a timely and inexpensive manner. Find a garden design that suits you, by seeing how much space you have to work with and choose plants that can thrive in your environment, taking into account the colours of the plants. It is important that your garden remains coherent.

Focus on The Grass

Your grass will take up a large majority of your garden, and as such, taking care of it is of utmost importance. To help your grass look its best, it is crucial to aerate your lawn, by first mowing it, and then creating holes using an aerating device, so that water, air, and nutrients can easily access the roots of your grass. In addition, it stops the top layer of the soil from being too compact, giving it a softer feel. In addition, you should apply weed killer- removing broadleaf weeds and bindi’s. After the weeds are removed, generally a week or two after the killer is used, use fertiliser to keep the grass growing and prevent newly formed weeds. Furthermore, your lawn may have some bare patches, and should be fixed by planting grass seeds.

Trim It

In spring, everything grows quickly. So, it is important that you keep everything tidy by trimming. This includes pruning trees and shrubs; trimming hedges which encourages new growth; and lining up your lawn. Nothing looks more satisfying than a perfectly lined up lawn.

Plant New Plants

The perfect time to plant new garden plants is in spring. The showery weather gives the plants water to survive, raising the moisture levels in the soil, and the longer days mean there is more daylight and warmth from the sun which raises the temperature of the air and soil- meaning the perfect conditions for your garden plants to grow. Choose garden plants that grow best in spring, and ones that you can nurture properly. In doing so, you will have a garden that you can maintain for the long-term.

Consider That Plant Shop

Whether it is for indoors or outdoors, we have you covered for the perfect plant. Our online plant nursery in Sydney aim to provide our customers with the highest quality garden plants to get you started on your gardening journey. We love to connect our customers to the environment through our products, and hope that you would consider purchasing from us. We value our interactions with each customer and would love to hear from you. To contact us, click here.