Do You Need Soil If You Buy Plants in Sydney

April 23, 2021

Plants can be both shockingly fragile and incredibly hardy at times, sometimes dying at the slightest provocation or surviving through extreme conditions. As a result, it's easy to wonder whether or not you actually need soil when you buy plants online in Sydney, or if you can simply provide everything a plant needs yourself. Fortunately, the local experts in our online plant nursery in Sydney can help you make sure your plants are treated as best as possible.

While some plants are able to be grown hydroponically, meaning without soil, that isn't always the best option. When you place plants within soil, the dirt can provide them with a number of key benefits. For one, the tightly-packed material means that the extending root systems are able to anchor the plant in place, helping it to stay firm if a breeze picks up. Additionally, soil also provides critical resources and nutrients that plants need, such as water, oxygen, and nutrients. While you could provide these things directly in theory, in practice, that is much more difficult, and it is generally easiest to just pot the plants you buy from our online plant shop in Sydney in an appropriate container filled with soil. To learn more about online plants in Sydney, call us on 0408 083 640.