Different Ways To Plant Your Plants Besides Pots

March 04, 2022

Whether it is because you’re opting for a cheaper alternative or simply because there are things around your home that can be recycled and you want to have some fun with it, there are so many different ways to plant your plants. Of course, you could always just buy pots but where’s the fun in that right? Pots usually already come in designs and colours but if you were to reuse something, you can have a DIY project and design it however you want. Here are a few different ways for your plants that are in substitution for buying pots:

Tin Cans

You can find tin cans when you buy canned foods like tuna cans or beans. These cans are great if you have small plants that you want to grow and given their size, you can easily put them on your windowsill.  


The common shapes and sizing of teapots almost make their physical structure and appearance almost similar to that of terrariums and fish bowls. The material that most of them are made of makes it easy to paint on and design it the way you like it to be. So if you have any teapots laying around because there’s a crack in it or you just don’t use anymore and were planning to throw away, consider making it a planter for your plants.

Using Unused Sinks

Now, this may sound strange to you but some people do use their unused sinks to grow their plants, and looks great! Sinks have large space and depth in them which makes them a good environmental condition for plants to grow and thrive.

Plastic Bottles

These are more of the common alternatives to pots and probably because it allows the plants to fit so well. Plastic bottles are also of similar shape and size to pots that stand tall which makes switching it out for plastic bottles easy and very feasible.  

In Your Boots

This is another fun and creative way to plant your plants. They make the perfect plant holders because the boots can stand on their own and there are so many different colours and patterns you can get them in.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are popular because of how stylish they are and because it is clear, you can see them and monitor them well. You can detect pretty clearly if bugs are within the soils or not and fix the problem before it becomes too late.

Explore your creative freedom and find different ways to place your plants! You’ll be surprised with how many things are laying around in your house which can be alternatives to pots for your plants. Looking for pots can be stressful because there are so many of them and on top of that, it adds more to your spending. So, a cheaper solution to buying pots is to use things that you can find around the house. But it starts with buying the plants first. If you are looking to buy indoor plants in Sydney, look no further than That Plant Shop. To see the wide variety of indoor plants we offer, shop online here.