Common Reasons Indoor Plants Die

January 21, 2022

Some people think taking care of plants is easy while others think it's difficult primarily because it's more maintenance than they expected. We get it, no one wants their plants to die, and sometimes, we don’t even know why it's dying despite our efforts to take care of them and keep them alive. But, our team at That Plant Shop has enough experience to know why indoor plants usually die. Here are a few common reasons why your indoor plants may be dying:

Overwatering Or Underwatering

Knowing whether your plant is being overwatered or underwatered is quite a hard thing to determine. A lot of people think that it's better safe than to be sorry so they water it and the plants end up being overwatered. Once they find out outwatering is an issue, they become more cautious which may lead to underwatering. So how do we know if we are giving the plants just the right amount of water? It usually depends on the size of the pot but the general rule of thumb is to water until the entire root zone is filled.

Is Too Much Light A Thing?

Simply put, yes, there is such a thing as having too much light. This is when your plants are positioned directly against your window which lets the sun directly hit the plants. What this does is it will dry up the plants rather than letting them flourish so it will cause the plant to die quicker.


You can’t just buy a plant and leave it indoors and expect it to grow and thrive. Plants much like us humans, need to be nurtured too for them to grow. This means feeding it, watering it, and making sure that it is in its most ideal environment. Never neglect your plants because they can stunt their growth very quickly.


Having the right knowledge is powerful because it means you know what the right and best thing to do is. Just because you are taking good care of your plants doesn’t mean you should expect them to live forever. Plants, especially indoor plants, typically last for 2-5 years but it is completely dependent on what type of plant it is. So, make sure you do your homework and find out the longevity of it.

Is It An Indoor Plant?

Not all plants can be kept indoors. Some plants are better outside because they thrive off the climate and the conditions that the outdoor environment has. There’s no point challenging it and bringing outdoor plants inside and claiming it to be an indoor plant because chances are, it’ll die quicker due to conditions not being met for it to grow. So, before you buy a plant, know if it’s best indoors or outdoors.

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