Choosing the right indoor plant for you

September 16, 2022

Plants can be extremely versatile, giving every home a pop of colour where needed, or a little bit of character. However, despite indoor plants being so versatile, your home can seem incoherent if not managed correctly. Every plant will grow differently, so before buying a bunch of rare indoor plants for your home, there are a few things to consider. Here at That Plant Shop, the leading online plant nursery in Sydney, we understand how to effectively decorate a home using beautiful plants and have shared some tips that will help you with the process of choosing your collection.

The type of plant

When creating your indoor plant collection, you must consider what type of plants you want to grow. Not all plants are able to thrive in an indoor environment, as every plant will grow differently in varying environments. Every plant requires a different amount of sunlight, so it can often be difficult to find the right combination of plants that will work well together. Often people just resort to buying multiple of the same plant species, but the real fun is finding the right combination of plants that are special to you! Be sure to research how to take care of each plant- and do not be afraid to ask us for help.

Colour of each plant

When creating your collection, be sure to take into account the varying different colours of each plant. It is a nice touch to mix in some brown or orange plants alongside the classic green ones. A wide variety of colours gives your home a little bit more character and makes your collection much more interesting. Some plants may change colours along their lifespan, so be sure to take that into account.

Watering and fertilising

With many indoor plants, you should feed them with fertiliser so that they can effectively grow. However, most of them only need to be fertilised on a semi-annual basis- as long as they are being watered effectively. Be sure that your plants are well drained to help prevent over watering, and to adjust your watering schedule to what your plant needs.


Once you have chosen your plant, you must now decide where exactly you want to put it. Be sure to research your plant thoroughly to know what lighting conditions it needs. It also helps to have your plants be a bit more spread out to prevent your home from looking like an indoor forest. Make sure you take into consideration where you are going to place your plants!

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