10 Perfect Indoor Plants for Your Bathroom

October 21, 2022

The bathroom may seem like one of the places where one spends the least time. A bathroom is ideal; it's relaxed and doesn't require you to pay all your outside energy in order to create a pleasant environment. But that doesn't mean you can't spruce it up a bit with some plants.

Today, we'll introduce you to 10 perfect indoor plants for your bathroom. From succulents to ferns, these plants will add some much-needed greenery and character to your space.

1. Phalaenopsis Orchid

A high-humidity habitat and a lover of indirect sunshine, the Phalaenopsis orchid thrives in a bathroom with little to no natural light. And it requires minimal maintenance.

It can fit in any bathroom, regardless of its size, and its magnificent flowers will persist for months.

2. Peace Lily

The peace lily is an indoor plant that thrives in indirect light, thanks to its generous wide leaves. This indoor plant works hard at air-purifying while appearing lush and wonderful.

In addition to being attractive in containers in bathrooms, peace lilies are very simple to care for. Even if you forget about them for a week, they will still repay you with beautiful appearances because they prefer low to medium light and don't like to be overwatered.

3. Zygocactus

With a thick, lime-green leaf structure, Zygocactus might feel simple to look at but are beautiful all year long. This indoor plant even adds a splash of colour in the fall and winter when it blooms.

And because the stems tend to break easily, take care not to position them in a location where they can be knocked.

4. Zamiifolia Zanzibar Gem

The sturdy Zanzibar Gem handles low light, so it doesn't even need to be near your bathroom window. It may be the simplest plant to keep indoors.

This dark shiny leaf plant can withstand an astounding amount of abuse; in fact, it only requires watering four times a year. Elegant oval leaves from Zanzibar Gem will adorn your bathroom for many years.

5. Boston Fern

This delicate fern is ideal in any type of container, from a hanging basket to a large pot stand. It is one of the ideal plants to have in your humid bathroom since it enjoys a little misty surrounding and requires little maintenance.

6. Peperomia

Depending on the light levels, Peperomia is simple to cultivate indoors. Since Peperomia is semi-succulents, they require little maintenance. They perform well out of direct sunlight, but they don't like to get too wet, so a well-ventilated bathroom is best for them.

7. Calathea Freddy

Calathea thrive in humid conditions, making it a fantastic plant to liven up your bathroom.

Calathea "Freddy" grows more slowly and has silver, somewhat ruffled leaves with deep green stripes that slant slightly along the veins. It prefers bright indirect sunshine, making an inside window sill the ideal place for it. However, it can also tolerate lower light levels. 

8. Spider Plant

A popular choice for a beginner in houseplants, the spider plant is one of the most versatile indoor plants available that is also quite easy to grow.

They can tolerate both strong and low light but avoid placing them directly in the sun because they can burn. Your baths and showers are great for them since they like a little dampness.

9. Chinese Evergreen

Since it is so durable, the Chinese Evergreen makes a fantastic plant for the bathroom. If you travel frequently or have a tendency to forget things, this plant is a perfect choice because it even flourishes when you forget to water it.

It is also extremely adaptable; while it likes dim or indirect light, it can still thrive in bright areas.

10. Pothos - Epipremnum Aureum

The pothos plant is the ideal plant to place on a bathroom shelf or counter because it prefers moderate to low, indirect light.

It is quite interesting to know that your pothos may lose its appearance or variegation if the light is too low. The plant will make up for the lack of light by turning greener since the green regions of the leaves produce energy for the plant.

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